Amazon Product Listing Services is one of the few big fishes that continue to rule the online retail world despite the huge ups and down in the market. They are one success story that is worth investing. Today Amazon has gone global and if you wish your products to reach customers around the world, then you need to try uploading your products on Amazon.

At 123eData, we have a huge experience with Amazon product upload listing services. we do all the work for you and you reap the benefits of profits by selling on Amazon.

Amazon Product Upload Listing Services Offered by 123eData

Our team is highly qualified as well as experienced when it comes to Amazon product upload listing services. They take away the burden of the intensive and time-consuming product upload off your shoulders. Some of the important features of our services include:

    1. Product Category Management:
      It is very important to place the products in their right category on Amazon. If there is any wrong placement, customers won’t be able to reach your products. Our team takes utmost care of assigning correct categories to each product you sell on Amazon.


    1. Amazon Bulk Product Upload
      We understand the needs of bulk inventory upload and are well-versed with Amazon’s Volume Listing Tools. The 123eData team will use your inventory file and upload it according to the template by Amazon.


    1. Creation of Amazon Product Feed
      Our team will create correct parent/child or variant relationship for each of the items sold by your company after proper analysis. The main product will be listed as the parent SKU with the help of the Variation Theme element. According to this the child SKUs will be decided depending on the size, color, style, etc.


    1. Image Editing and Enhancement
      It is important to have attractive product images as it has a direct impact on your sales. Our dedicated team will edit images and enhance them making your product attractive to a potential buyer.


  1. Amazon Inventory Services
    We even manage your stock levels and give refilling requirements for a particular product. This helps you understand the time required for shipping a particular time to your customers.

123eData takes care of the heavy load related to Amazon Product Upload Listing Services. Contact us for more details.