Catalog Updating Services

Online catalog content should always remain up-to-date and contain current information. If there is any incorrect or outdated information or out-of-stock and obsolete products still lingering on your listings, it could lead to a disgruntled customer who leaves your website due to lack of trust. You do not want to lose your reputation or lose a potential buyer then you need to invest in a good catalog updating service.

123eData provides eCommerce catalog updating services to clients who are driven with one aim – to keep their online stores ahead of competition. We have experts who can make your online store profitable by updating your online catalog regularly and brushing off any unwanted product or material.

Advantages of 123eData Catalog Updating Services

123eData can provide end-to-end catalog updating services. Our expert team will update product descriptions, prices, courier charges as well as availability status and much more. We have worked with many clients from different fields in the business. This includes jewelry, hospitals, medical care, automobiles, clothing apparels, retail stores, grocery marts, etc.

We can help you with catalog updating services by:

  • Regularly updating product features, product names, descriptions, quantity available, brand names, manufacturer name, SKU’s, color, size, etc.
  • Keeping the product prices updated as it is the most important part. Shoppers tend to compare the rates on different eStores and then make a decision based on the price as well as offers offered.
  • Capturing the prices from the competitor’s websites and adjusting your product pricing accordingly. This helps get more business to your website than the competitors.
  • Categorizing the products accurately so that the customer finds what they want at the correct place under the correct tag.
  • Product availability is another aspect that is regularly updated. Thus, the customer knows how much they can order.
  • Updating product descriptions as well as images, tax and shipping data.

123eData will help you with catalog updating services at the most economical rate. Just contact us and we will provide you with the best service in the industry.