Data Matching & De-duplication

The growing product database of your eCommerce store requires support from an experienced and skilled eCommerce catalog management company. You cannot risk providing your customers with inaccurate data or wrong information. As the business grows there are other important aspects you need to focus. You cannot just spend your time on website maintenance. This is where 123eData comes into picture. We help you deal with product data matching and de-duplication. With our help, you can optimize your store with accurate and updated data.

You may not believe it, but as the eStore grows, the amount of data and product information also begins to pile up. This leads to unmatched products begin placed together or duplication of the same data. This makes your website become heavy to load and the customer gets confused and dissatisfied with what is displayed. Thus, you lose business and trust of your customer. In order to keep your web store clean, precise and polished, 123eData experts will carry out data matching & de-duplication.

Why 123eData for Data Matching and De-duplication?

Our services will scan your entire database and find the problems that need solutions. Some of the key features of our data cleansing includes:

  • Identification of duplicate products by data mapping
  • Scanning product attributes to find similar items
  • Merging similar product content
  • Standardization of the titles and product names
  • Finding typographical errors so that the products become more easily discoverable
  • Removing obsolete and irrelevant information

123eData specializes in product matching, data de-duplication, catalog cleansing, data normalization, etc. We will provide you with the best affordable data cleansing services. Our team will remain in contact with you at all times and keep you informed regarding every aspect of the project. Contact us and we will provide you with more details regarding our services.