eBay Product Listing Services

123eData has the most efficient eBay Product Listing Services in the market. We not only carry out online eBay marketing, but also carry out offline eBay product entry. If you have thousands of products to upload within a short time as well as manage your eBay inventory items, we can help take away the burden at an affordable price.

123eData has a well-experienced, skilled and efficient team with huge knowledge related to eBay product listing services as well as eBay inventory management. With our expert help, you can turn your eBay store into a successful, profitable business.

eBay Product Listing Services by 123eData

It is very important to make your listings attractive and engaging for a customer to make a purchase. Our team of experts at 123eData can effectively create a list that helps up build a profitable store on eBay.

  • Categorizing products accurately on eBay so that your buyers can locate what they need in the relevant category.
  • Variations are listed together so the buyers can find the same product in different colors, sizes, quantity, price, etc. on the same page.
  • Title and product descriptions are unique and creative to attract buyers to your items.
  • Giving all specific details about the product in the product descriptions that includes size, shape, color, manufacturer’s name, brand name, and other similar attributions.
  • Providing the condition of the item, that is, new, used, and refurbished or under warranty, etc.
  • Listing the items or accessories available with the item as well as the type of packaging.
  • Enhancing and edition product images such that they give a clear idea of what your product is all about.
  • Entering price of each item as well as reflecting any discounts, coupons, auctions, etc.
  • Writing keyword rich, SEO content that helps your products gain high ranks in search engine listings.

We provide the best eBay product listing services in the market at a competitive rate. Contact us for more details.