Product Data Enrichment

When a shopper goes online shopping, the first thing on their mind is to know as much as possible regarding the product. The information given should be concise, precise and accurate. The data provided should be able to answer all the questions in the shoppers mind and at the same time convince them to make a purchase. All information should be consistent without any error. Keep in mind, shoppers today are smart and will immediately notice any inconsistency. Thus, your business depends on quality product data enrichment.

123eData is the company that will thoroughly manage product data enrichment for your store. We have a team of professionals who meticulously carry out eCommerce data enrichment and help you improve your sales.

Key Advantages of Our Product Data Enrichment

123eData has years of experience in organization and classification of product data. We make sure your product data is able to reach its fullest potential and contains 99.9% accurate data. Our skilled and experienced team is dedicated to organize, collect and deliver data in any format you need.

Our team will carry out detailed audit of the data available before they begin with product data enrichment. Any inconsistences or errors found are systematically eliminated. Your product names, titles, sizes, colors, features, etc. are scanned to make sure they remain accurate and error-free.

They will edit the product descriptions and add keyword rich, original and unique content. The content itself is convincing enough to make the customer hit the Buy button. The images too are edited to make the products appear more clearly and attractive. All data is scanned for duplicates and if found, they are removed. Finally, data standardization and normalization is carried out to make sure the content on your site remains error free.

Call us today and we will help you with quality product data enrichment.