6 Tips To Do Better Listing on eBay

6 Tips To Do Better Listing on eBay

eBay is one of the leading giant platforms for selling and buying new and used items. The platform boasts more than 168 million global users and thus it has been in the top list of the reputed eCommerce sellers. If you are also planning to list your product(s) on eBay, you should first get to know about the roadblocks and how to overcome them.

Maximise your potential and play it wisely because eBay is one of the easiest ways to earn money.

  1. Research On New & Sold Listings

Understand the value of the product you are going to sell on the platform. Do your homework and check out the complete listing in the category – “Sold Listings” and “Completed Listings”. Use the links on both the categories to understand the potency of each product on the field.

For more refined research, sort the identical product listing to ‘most recently sold’ and get an idea of the average price they have been sold.

Choose “All Listings, Auction, Buy It Now” tabs according to your wish to sell your product.

Remember, product in the ‘auction’ listing or a ‘buy it now’ listing perform better as they give your item a longer period of exposure.

  1. Relevant Features Sell The Product

A large mass of eBay sellers do not have the complete knowledge of their product and thus they lose the opportunity to earn more than what average people are earning on eBay.

If the e-commerce seller had listed its product with the more accurate title and explanatory features, the buyers would have relied more on the listing and the seller could have made more money.

  1. A Crispy Yet Descriptive Title Is Important

A Crispy, SEO infused and descriptive title can get more potential buyers on your product site. The chances will be more that your listing is showing up at the top in search engine results. Here is what you can do:

  • Look similar most selling items, compare and create
  • Use keywords and create a short yet descriptive title that will help your customers to search and understand your product
  • Never use UPPER CASES in the title
  • Mention the condition (eg:- new, used, renovated)
  • Keywords like limited edition, brand new, original are seen to be more attractive to the buyers
  • Use the maximum amount of characters allowed in your title
  1. Attractive Description & Feature Writing For Search Engines And Customers

Most of the e-commerce users 80 words as the standard limit of descriptions but one should not go less than 50 words. Here are some tips that should follow to draw more attention:

Buyers are always in a hurry; they do not have time to read the complete biography of the product. So here is the formula that you can try:

  • Bullets forms always work and thus people prefer to read features rather than paragraph style descriptions.
  • Always mention the USP at first.
  • If your product is related to fashion, always give fashion tips.
  • Mention the compatibility of your product.
  • Mention the colour options, warranty or guarantee (if any), shipping details, return process and unique selling propositions.
  1. Use Original & Enhanced Images

People do not have time to read but seeing is something they can’t just stop. Make sure you’re placing HD images, 100% accuracy and from all different angles.

  1. Before Selling; Decide The Characteristics Of Your Product
  • Sell products in which you have the full expertise or more idea or more links.
  • Set the price moderately, this will help to inventory liquidity, decrease financial loss, pilferage and much more.
  • With a product of less weight can help you to earn more profit as you do not have to invest in extra shipping charges.
  • Selling uncommon products will always give you an advantage but new fields for exploration as well.
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