Outsource E-Commerce Email Support Services to 123eData

123eData caters suite class range of personalised email support outsourcing services to the clients that help the organisation to be in touch with their customers efficiently in the long run. With vehement and quick customer support service through email, the brand can gain a positive reputation in the market while driving necessary marketing efforts. Each and every project is handled by a team of specialists who have vast experience in handling customer emails and can provide supportive reverts through the same. We offer email support services in various domains:

  • Customer Care and Technical Support
  • Verification
  • Order Fulfilment
  • Resolution Of Escalated Cases
  • Complete Query Resolution
  • Shipment Information
  • Technical And Non-Technical Support
  • Information Queries
  • Product Queries
  • After Sales Queries
  • Cross-Selling And Up-Selling Products & Services

Why Outsource Email Support Services To 123eData?

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

To take great business challenges to reach the pinnacle, 123eData and its team of specialists endeavour to cover 360-degree solution to customer support. We offer customized e-commerce email support services to make your brand face more trusted and reputed among the customers and toughest among the competitors. Not limited to the following but here are some of the reasons which make us best outsource company for email support outsourcing:

    1. 123eData has more than a decade of experience in catering reliable and competent outsourcing services across our various business clients, related to different domains.
    2. We have our expertise in various domains and fields including online retailing, logistics, real estate, healthcare, education, software development and etc.
    3. While bestowing the maximum load on us, you and your in-house team can actually focus on core competencies and marketing strategies of your business. And what we do:
      • Become the best channel for you and customers
      • Constructive brand positioning & building
      • One step advanced customer service
      • Quicker customer response by highly trained professionals
      • Understand the dilemma and provide fast & effective solutions
      • Quicker order fulfilment
      • Boost customer satisfaction and loyalty towards brand name
      • Reduced downtime
      • Improve productivity
    4. We possess significant expertise email customer service support and client relationship building.
    5. You can actually save time and a huge amount of fortune by hiring a team of experts for email technical support outsourcing services and management.
    6. We can also get quite flexible according to your requirements and thus bring two types of packages:
      • Pay per email
      • Pay per project
    7. You can further customise the package by tweaking the working hours and periods of the customer care staff according to various time zones.
    8. Not only our staff come from vast and accolade background, after their selection, we provide them requisite training in technical support and customer care communication through various methods.
    9. We use advanced techniques to measure the proficiency of our email technical support outsourcing services and tend to improve them thereafter.
    10. With prompt responses in chosen cases, we respond quickly in turnaround time.

Benefits With 123eData:
Before getting along with any outsourcing company, always underline the extras you can get with the partnership. Here are some (though not limited to) of them you can get from us:

  1. You will get the competitive range of price with us
  2. You will get the expertise of highly trained and experienced professionals
  3. Multi-channel support
  4. Use of advanced technology while bombarding multiple emails
  5. Quality assurance and monitoring
  6. Call centre security process

123eData has the privilege of possession specialists in various fields such as catalogue uploading, image editors, IT solutions, inventory management and much more. Due to the same reason, we have the ability to deal with your customers’ complaints more efficiently.

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