Frequently Asked Questions

It’s difficult to present every time by everyone’s side but we have made this easy. We have come up with the most frequently asked questions about our end-to-end e-commerce services and solutions. If you feel that your queries are not related to these or remain unsolved, don’t hesitate to contact us through our request consultation page.

Q: How many years you have been in the business of e-commerce support?

123eData has more than 10 years of experience in e-commerce support business. Our company has been providing e-commerce development & website design, back office support, product data entry, maintenance and marketing services.

Q: What sort of companies or firms have you worked with?

Our team of experts have worked with an assortment of businesses to help them for online achievement. Some of them are recorded below:

– Electronic Equipment

– Medical Equipment

– Apparel & Accessories

– Computers & Peripherals

– Automotive Components

– Makeup & Accessories

– Food & Beverage

– Consumer Products

– Jewellery items

– Kitchen and Bathroom

– Lighting & Decoration

– Furnishings & Accessories

– Gift & Promotional products

If you are also dealing with the above mentioned products or services, you can discuss or directly provide the details of your business with our team to deal or improve or solve the respective issue(s) without any hassle.

Q: How can I collaborate or start working with 123eData?

It’s easy.

Get in touch with us via call or mail and the respective details are present on our website. You can also fill up the contact form by filling the necessary details so that our team can offer you suitable solutions for eCommerce website development & design, marketing and management.

Q: Do you provide free quotation or sample or trial?

Yes, 123eData offers a Free quotation to clients and business partners. The quotations are available for catalogue management without any contract to give you ample space to analyze the quality, TAT maintenance and advance handling of our work. This also helps our team to understand your project requirements and provide you suitable pricing plans.

The Free samples are not offered to e-commerce website development & design and marketing services.

Q: Do you sign any service agreement for business collaboration?

123eData signs a service agreement before any kind of business collaboration or commencement of any duties. The agreement includes pricing, payment term, duties assigned, dispute resolution clause and quality commitment.

Q: How much time will you take to start the project after signing the business agreement?

In general, we take 24hrs after signing the service agreement. Our company arranges a training session based on the provided guidelines by the clients or partners before assigning the respective task to the team. But in some special cases, we can also start the project on an immediate basis after accomplishing all business formalities.

Q: What is the mode of payment?

We accept various mode of payments – PayPal, Credit Card and Bank Wire Transfer.

Q: What are the measurements do you take regarding data protection?

Client’s data protection and service confidentiality is 123eData’s priority. We take several measurements and stringent actions to protect the documents/tasks/work thereabouts which include:

– Signing non-disclosure agreement while collaboration

– Encrypted disks and network security

– Our workplace or stations don’t consist or allow any external storage devices.

– Individual Anti-Virus Protection are provided at individual desks

– Password protected systems and accounts

– Surveillance cameras are vehemently installed

Q: How would I stay connected with the respective team at 123eData?

The e-commerce product management team will be in contact with you via Email, Phone, Messengers such as (Google Talk, Skype, AOL & Yahoo). Likewise, you can propose some other method of contact as well which you find reasonable and comfortable.

Q: How can I track my business’s progress?

Our every business partner will be assigned an individual account manager who will handle your project and responsible for all ongoing things, progress and issues. The account manager will provide you with the complete day’s report in detail at the end of the working hours or you can also ask them at any time of the insights of your project. The report would incorporate inquiries and proposals too, so we can enhance quality with profitability.

Q: Does a sudden workload hamper the quality of the project?

Our team is fully equipped with experienced people and advanced technologies which can manage any amount of workload on a short notice as well. The manpower can be increased according to the requirement of the project to deal the TAT and achieve the targets without affecting the quality standards.

Q: What if I’m not satisfied with the outcome of the project?

Though it is very unlikely at 123eData to not deliver satisfactory outcomes as we take our client’s feedback every day very seriously to produce enhanced results ever time but unfortunately if you face this situation, you may:

  • Demand suitable corrections within a TAT without any extra payment
  • Ask for staff replacement
  • Ask for time compensation