Hire Dedicated Team

Are you looking for professional players who can handle your e-Commerce websites? If yes, then you have come to the right place. 123eData has a team of the best professionals who let you win the competition hands down.

123eData hires talented and skilled developers, software professionals, content writers, SEO experts as well other associated professionals. Our team is dedicated making sure your project is always a success. Our team will provide undivided, personal attention to each project at hand. They will build a strong base related to all aspects of your business needs, processes and working models. Thus, helping you get the best results for your business.

We at 123eData follow the dedicated team structure so that a single contact point addresses all problems of a client. The dedicated team knows the A’s to the Z’s of your project. Thus, be able to solve any hurdles that may arise while executing the project.

What Drives Us?

123eData is a beautiful blend of diverse people from different backgrounds; be it family, character or professional background, but it is our work that binds us at one point. We don’t believe in Boss-hood and every team is thus driven by a leader who knows how to embrace every unique character and speciality to bring out the best together.

After spending almost 9+years, there are few factors that help us to boast as the no.1 in data entry service and IT solutions industry. Roll on and get a quick look:

Bona Fide

We are confident enough to hold the load of our work’s responsibility.

At 123eData, we are dedicated to honesty and absolute integrity with all our clients and dealings. It is in our genes to be transparent, equal, open and dependable.


With due endeavours, we aim to provide excellence at par in our every project and deal. We have set high standards for our team members to bring brilliant performance driven work every time. The set standards are also for regular self improvement in all aspects – product based processes, IT solutions, services to name a few.

Customer Delight

“Be maniacally focussed on your client” – this is the mantra of our organisation.

The client’s responses, requirements and reach are everything for us. We strive to go beyond our limits to cater the best of R’s. A happy client or business is the best strategy for us, ultimately help us growing throughout the process. Not only till delivering the project but we also provide services after that which also includes maintenance.

Let’s build a long-term relationship.

360-Degree Collaboration

With collective efforts and coactions of our experts bring competitive results.

Why You Should Outsource A Dedicated Team?

A dedicated team is an excellent solution to answer all your human and technical resources. They offer high levels of transparency, flexibility as well as security. Having your own dedicated team leads to increase in the cost of infrastructure, manpower as well as other resources. Outsourcing a dedicated team will allow you access to highly experienced and qualified professionals to fulfil your business needs.

Hiring a dedicated team allows you to scale up or scale down the number of team members as per your needs. It also cuts down development costs and projects are completed in a timely manner.

When hiring a dedicated team at 123eData it allows you to:

  • Overcome recruitment cost
  • Overcome operational overhead cost
  • Overcome office space rental costs
  • Overcome hardware, stationery, etc. costs
  • Reduction in late time overcomes market revenue losses
  • Overcome the need to pay for employee convenience, sick leaves, vacations, retirement benefits, health benefits, canteen, etc.

123eData is the professional studio where every creative member got ample space to think out of the box or weave inside it. With every feasible ideas, we endeavour to not just help the business grow but also seek for self improvisation with progressive knowledge, experience and insights.

Find a profitable advantage by contacting 123eData to find a solution to your hiring dedicated team needs.