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A great online competitor of Amazon, is one of the rapidly emerging marketplaces among the mass. As a major and large marketplace, it has become one of the best places for the entrepreneurs to invest in and get an extra stream of high revenues. The platform already has a huge number of potential and loyal customers and with expanded reach, uploading your products on is the best way to earn higher revenues. Running with the same thought, the platform houses more than thousands of online merchants working on diverse categories and genres of online products such as fashion apparels, shoes, accessories, furniture, health supplies, electronics, sports accessories and etc. With such a gamut of products, is among the top favourites of the mass and if you as an e-business entrepreneur have not listed your products on then you are probably losing a great part of fortune.

123eData brings suite class range of product listing services with much more advanced tools and software. The tools used are developed accordingly to ease out a load of listing while projecting the products with maximum visibility. A Complete Overview

Come with a gamut of features, there are multiple software which are build to cater eCommerce entrepreneurs running their products on marketplace. They do so by maintaining and controlling the offer and managing the product flows. By integrating with backend system & frontend on the Jet platform, the software caters e-commerce retailers a much more refined interface between order process & inventory management, product catalogs, price modulations and reporting systems. It can be customised according to the requirements to simplify the product listings across various kinds of channels or platforms. They help to enhance:

Inventory Management and Order Process

The tools make the whole task easier for the merchants and help them to manage return orders, order processing and refunds through multiple filters such as customer’s name, order status, the location of the warehouse and etc. There are several tools that come with automatic update feature which eases out the inventory management even more.

Easy Product Listing Management

It’s just like hocus pocus and you got everything done in a snap. Our adept team uses advanced software that helps to manage categories & subcategories, bulk listing, creating keyword friendly product titles, SEO oriented product descriptions, developing attributes and bulk upload images. The product listing and management software automate business processes.

Analyse Performance & Report Making

With the help of an interactive dashboard, we or the merchant can analyse the total orders, status, revenue earned per item or category, understand visitors’ behaviour, and overall progress. houses highly skilled and experienced professionals who have more than a decade of practice handling marketplace product listings.

360-Degree Services on Marketplace

123eData has experts and members from various background and professional experience with in-depth domain expertise operating the platform.  They optimise product listings with all of the pertinent details accurately and timely. Have a look:

  • Our experts will fill your products’ details such as SKUs, product titles, product descriptions, upload product images, pricing modulation and etc. We accept various file formats such as CSV, TXT, XLS, API-XML which will be further synced with advanced software to enlist products on Jet store.
  • We offer intricate category mappings through which the products can be synced with the item categories without a flaw.
  • We will analyse and research your competitor’s price modules on various products and help you with price intelligence as well.
  • We will embed the products under right categories and sub-categories to get easily searched by the customers.
  • Our adept team will help you to add custom files as well to make precise, beneficial and informative multiple product attributes via to the point descriptions, video links and etc.
  • All order processes and shipment tracking updates will be easily managed.

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