Vs – Who Will Win The e-Rivalry? Vs – Who Will Win The e-Rivalry?

Are you an online shopper?

There is a 99.99% chance to have acquaintances who are online shoppers and the most concerning points for them (or you) can be –

  • Low prices when compared with offline
  • Fast shipping, of course

Amazon is the topmost hyper-giant in e-commerce industry that accommodates a large number of categories and subcategories with a variety of brands and choices. Its popular Prime subscription service caters special solutions to its members such as fast delivery and low cost. But a new shopping e-marketplace, is playing competently since 2014 with an aim to provide an alternative to the loyal Amazon customers. The brick and mortar line, Walmart is the parent company of, which has had given a head start to the website. And special features and offers of Jet, have kept up the competitive run with Amazon an interesting watch. entered the world of e-commerce lately but showed a great pick up to bag the vulnerable and loyal customers around. Let’s check out the special plains and plans of which has made it a good competitor against Amazon;

What is

Within a comparatively short time period, has gained a much favour of many of the e-shoppers over other e-commerce markets. Sounds interesting? Well, it covered the grounds by catering some basic yet most essential benefits to the customers such as ‘no initial membership model’, the more you shop the more you save, free shipping after order crosses $35, expedited 2-day delivery model on household items, and the last but not the least, its user interface, which has made it all the more interesting. Not only these but if you are a regular Jet customer, you can decode new deals and discounts when you buy multiple items with bulk quantity, enjoy extra perks when paying with debit card and the advantages’ list goes on.

In nutshell, it has composed most of the prime things to magnetise true customers. So, will Jet become the next giant e-tycoon in coming years?

To get the answers, first, we need to check out some core spots where Jet is emulating with Amazon or vice versa.

  1. Membership Fees

Jet doesn’t demand you to be a member to taste the profits but open to all. During its budding days, subscription membership model was there but then later on ditched by extra savings & benefits, fast delivery, and exemplary customer service. And the best part at Jet is, you don’t have to any kind of membership or annual charges to experience such fun.

Whereas, Amazon’s lowest membership fee is $99 per year for the Prime program.

  1. Shipping Charges & Delivery is catering bundles of shopping privileges to all shoppers. If the customer is ordering equal or more than $35, then shipping charges will be waived off and for this one doesn’t need any kind of membership or membership fees. The products will be delivered within 2-5 business days. is a bit biased here for its prime members, where only they will be benefitted with several shipping options. Prime members can receive free two-day shipping on particular products. There is another alternative which is a thumb’s up for Amazon; Prime members can select same day delivery when their order goes above than $35. This facility is available in 28 metro areas. If your order is less than $35, you’ll be charged $5.99 extra for the service.

  1. More Shop & Price Drop

Now, this is really interesting for the bulk shoppers and shopaholics!!!

– is like an elixir for those who have to shop in bulk because the site uses real-time savings engine which helps to lower down the total cost as they add more to the shopping cart. It goes without saying. This feature gives the user a game show like feel which magnetises the curious shoppers and bargain hunters as well.

– offers 15% off on the very first purchase when a user signs up.

– On an average, Amazon is a bit expensive than Jet. (Though there are things/products which can be found cheaper at (this is a general comparison according to people’s choice)

  1. Pantry Program

– Amazon levies an extra charge or fees when a shopper buys something from the common household and grocery section. They would need to subscribe to Amazon’s Pantry program. In this case, Jet is a step up; it doesn’t charge anything extra for different categories or subcategories.

  1. Debit Card Vs Credit Card

Do you know that retailers need to pay an additional charge when you shop by your credit card?

Well, used this feature as their benefit to attract customers by promoting debit card usage. throws an exclusive 1.5% discount when paid by debit card.

Amazon plays on another side of the card. offers free Amazon gift card worth $80 (approximate) when a user signs up with the Amazon credit card. It also offers additional ongoing perks such as 3% cash back and the ability to earn points.

  1. Better Interface – Attracts Maximum Buyers

A comparison is a bit difficult here because both are a bit different when it comes to bulk product selling. Amazon is a hypermarket and thus it has made its website look like same. With lots of categories and promotions going on, Amazon has its own way to nail the real-time conversions.

Jet advertises 24/7 and a clean user interface and page navigation have made the website look more relaxing and understandable.

  1. Real Customer Assistance!!!

Yes. uses real customer executive instead of chat-bots. Remember, when you go to any website a chat box opens at the left down corner? They are actually chat-bots, regulated by automated suggested instructions. But Jet understands the need and importance of the assistance of a real customer executive while shopping.

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