Marketplace Product Listing Services

Today, online markets are more competitive and difficult to manage than the real-world stores. There are many online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, Sears, eBay, Newegg, Walmart, etc. today and the competition is cutthroat on each of these sites. You need to be able to stand out and bring potential buyers to your store. 123eData can help you with marketplace product listing services that help in expanding your business and creating a strong product database that is online as well as offline and uploads product information on some of the most popular marketplaces without any errors.

Most popular marketplaces:

  • Amazon Product Upload Services
  • eBay Product Listing Services
  • Rakuten Product Listing Services
  • Product Listing Services
  • Sears Product Listing Services
  • Newegg Product Listing Services
  • Walmart Product Listing Services

We have a dedicated team with years of experience in managing online marketplace. They have worked with global clients and handled a diverse range of products ranging from clothes, accessories, shoes, food, medical instruments, pharmacy, computer games, electronics, gift items, sports goods, watches, jewelry, etc.

Features of Marketplace Product Listing Services

The best way to reach more potential buyers is by selling online. It helps increase your base and revenue. However, you need the three ‘E’s’ to be a successful seller on the marketplace which are experience, expertise, and efforts. We can help you with the following features and take care of all-important aspects of managing online marketplace:

  • Collecting and uploading product feed data
  • We deal with multiple sources to fetch and collate products’ information. Our Marketplace Product Listing professionals are expert at compiling data from online, PDF, hardcopy and softcopy catalogs. We can also gather the same from the product’s manufacturer’s website.
  • Uploading product details such as size, color, variations, title, product description, etc.
  • Placing each product under the correct category and sub-categories
  • Meta titles and meta tag optimization
  • Creation of unique, SEO friendly product descriptions
  • The customer reviews and product reviews are the potential factors in bringing most loyal customers. The prominent display of reviews propels sales and augments profits.
  • We help in enhancing and editing product images that make your products appear more attractive and appealing. Do you know that every shopper tends to rely on product images more rather than the product specifications? Hence, the flawless product image will catch the customer’s curious eyes in a much faster rate. Our team of canny photo designers and editors will do A to Z task to make the images more self descriptive and attractive according to Marketplace guidelines. We deal in all kinds of images such zoom, thumbnail and custom defined.
  • Capturing offers and prices from competitors’ stores – Our adept team will help you in making strategies, growth hacking and analysing competitors’ sites. And in this process, it is very crucial to pay focus on product listing strategy. If you wish to upload most popular and paying products as a niche player, our dedicated team will research the marketplace for you and identify them as well.
    Also get a fine tune in price and better offers than your competitors’ websites. This will help you to score best among potential and vulnerable customers.
  • Order processing – The entire ordering, shipping and delivery process will be taken care by us for a smooth flow.
  • Regular update of inventory and stock availability status

By believing in us and outsourcing Marketplace Product Listing Services to 123eData, you can easily speed up your business among the potential customers and buyers in the market. Be a step ahead of your competitors by shaking hand with the experts at a reasonable rate.

Our team comprises of professionals who can make your store stand out on a particular marketplace. Keep in mind, each marketplace has a different requirement. Contact us and we will guide you with our Marketplace Product Listing Services.