Multichannel eCommerce Management Services

Multichannel e-commerce management enables you to manage all kind of online tasks such as order process, inventory management across multiple platforms with ease and proficiency. Why is it necessary? With the upsurge of e-businesses and platforms, there is an immediate requirement to handle multiple platforms such as eBay, social spaces and much more at one time. And this can be strenuous! Through Multichannel e-commerce management services, you can manage overselling and spend more on the marketing or developing other soft cores of your business.

Introducing 123eData

Outsource Multichannel eCommerce Management Services to 123eData to save time, money, boost sale margins & selling strategies while building an immense reputation among the market and mass. 123eData is award-winning data entry services and software management firm which cover 360-degree arena of e-commerce businesses.

The product listing on two or more platforms boost up your sale, brand recognition and bring immense profit with ROI. Not only many entrepreneurs are opting for this but many successful market insiders have acknowledged and are practising this strategy. This strategy allows an e-business to target heterogeneous demographics of shoppers. There are many giant marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Newegg, etc., and other shopping engines, such as,,, Google product search and etc. And each of these platforms accepts product data listing according to their standardised specification which varies when stepping on a different channel. But managing a whole lot of products, uploading, listing and maintaining them can be strenuous and require more workforce and finance.

At 123eData, we cater 360-degree Multichannel eCommerce Management Services which include uploading product data across many or directed e-commerce channels quickly, economically and accurately. This will also include many minute yet essential requirements such as product USPs, product specifications and other relevant details. Our adept will churn extensive research to look at your competitors’ strategies, market trends and ascertain key areas to widely project your e-commerce business and bring profit.

In nutshell, our highly trained professionals will provide following Multichannel eCommerce Management Services:

  • Amazon Product Data Entry
  • eBay Product Data Entry
  • Walmart Product Data Entry
  • Buy.Com Product Listing Services
  • ChannelAdvisor Inventory Upload Services
  • Sears Product Listing Services
  • Comparison Shopping Data Feed Management Services

How 123eData Works?

  • The 123eData can fetch the data from any specific format using advanced tools & software. The client would need to provide us accurate product inventory feed so that we can optimise it for multiple shopping engines and platforms through Data Feed Optimization Services.
  • The data or format provided us by the client side will be exported in text, CSV or XML format. These formats are supported by almost all shopping channels.

Our Approach

We have more than a decade of experience in multichannel e-commerce management and have flourished many eCommerce businesses as well.  We make sure that whether the brand has sheer or huge followers or potential customers regularly visit the brand’s multiple sites which will consequently help the company to improve products’ online visibility, pitch sales and attracting more potential shoppers to their site. The professionals at 123eData use smart and potential software & tools such as ChannelAdvisor, Vendio, Linnworks, SolidCommerce, eSellerPro and etc. to bring a single backend solution and can be fulfilled accordingly and comfortably.

As an integrated part of 123eData online channel management services, our experts will create the taxonomy, embed the products under right categories & sub-categories, edit, crop and enhance the items’ images to leverage products’ look and repute, provide marketplace merchandising, craft SEO friendly product descriptions and titles and manage inventory.

123eData shows a unique approach to the services of Multichannel eCommerce Management with a competitive price range.

  • Covering and comparing all shopping services, with us, you can actually get along with the latest technology.
  • To improve products’ performance, conversion rates, UI interface, brand reach, customers’ experiences and overall, we cater suite class range of Data Feed Optimization Services which will include SEO optimised research and content management.
  • We will maintain the products’ visibility throughout the channels and update the essentials on a frequent basis as well.

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