Order Processing Services

In order to maintain your business’s reputation, it is very important to process orders accurately and efficiently. Order processing is always a priority whether it is done Business to Business, Business to Consumer or even for any online e-Store. Businesses run online need to answer customer queries and process their orders on time. Any delay may lead to loss of trust towards your business, as the customer does not know you personally. Thus, a streamlined order processing service is the need of the hour for most online businesses.

123eData has the best order processing service in the market. Bulk orders or batch processing, we are masters of them all. We take care of payment processing, shipping as well as order management for you.

We will carry out quick and accurate order processing for your e-Store. Just place your trust on our dedicated team and you will not be disappointed.

Features of Order Processing Services

123eData will take care of all your order-processing requirements that include:

  • Taking orders
  • Management of purchase orders
  • Managing customer information
  • Payment by bank transfer, debit or credit card, etc.
  • Shipping and payment options
  • Fulfillment of orders
  • Shipping services
  • Tracking options

The benefits of working with 123eData for your order processing needs include:

  • Decrease in capital expenditure
  • Working with an experienced team that increases your sales potential with cross-selling and up-selling
  • You get to focus on your core business requirements rather than backend process
  • Increased profits as you no longer need to pay for staff overheads
  • Fewer order backlogs, managing higher order volumes effectively
  • At 123eData, we propel your orders by employing dedicated project managers, manual intervention and order processing software.
  • We process our clients’ orders quickly with our extremely adept team of professionals. We strive to make our project work without errors. We will add inputs or attributes such as products’ names, price, quantity, order tracking number and etc.
  • By catering secured payment gateway, we will take care of all payment procedures including generating invoices to processing of debit and credit cards.
  • We will also assist you with inventory management and be regular on updating product discounts, change in price, offers, SKUs, and availability or inventory.
  • Our experts will frequently update the customers’ data such as names, postal addresses, email and contact numbers.
  • At 123eData, the Order Processing Services include 24*7 assistance and customer support services. From answering customers’ queries, phone calls and emails.
  • Don’t worry of the ‘dispatch of shipments’ or order shipping details. From selecting the mode of transportation, logistics firm and print address labels. We have experience in working with many major reputed shipping companies.
  • The adept experts at 123eData can process various kinds of orders including sales orders, distribution orders, blanket orders, split, backorders, complex continuity orders and auto-ship. We process both bulk uploading products and batch process orders. Our experts are well versed with all on-line order management strategies and systems.
  • We are ISO certified and thus guarantee 100% confidentiality and Information Security Management.
  • We offer our services in 60% cheaper range than provided by other service providers.

Associating your order processing services with 123eData will ensure your business achieves high-quality results. With quick and efficient order processing, your business will grow exponentially and your brand will earn the trust of your customers. Speak to us and find more information as for how we can help you with our order processing services.