Product Data Cleansing Services

It is very important to keep your database clean and accurate. It needs to remain free of out-of-date data, redundant files, incorrect information, incomplete details, erroneous formatting, etc. If your eCommerce sites are filled with these major mistakes, it will lead to loss of customers and poor site response. It is always better to carry out regular product data cleansing in order to keep your eCommerce store complete, standardized, error-free and consistent.

You may have a humongous amount of data on your e-Commerce site. This makes it impossible for you to keep a track of each and every aspect of the site that includes images for product data cleansing. You need professional help to scrutinize your website regularly and keep it clutter free. At 123eData we help our clients with professional data cleaning services.

123eData makes sure that your product database is flawless and clean. Our firm uses an amalgamation of professionals who are well versed with cutting-edge data cleansing software and techniques. Aiming in delivery of cutting edge project, we keep our vigilant eye on your e-Commerce database which will include:

  • Streamlined and De-duped with redundant and duplicate data eradicated from the webpage
  • We provide consistent and structured product information with specific attributes
  • Augment search engine ability when SEO keywords are linked with products by attributes
  • We link product database to provide quintessential support – up-selling and cross-selling
  • Comprehensive, concise, descriptive, attractive and factual information of product which will be correctly linked with images and etc.

Our Services Include:

  • Eradicating duplicate records
  • Identifying obsolete data and revising the rest ones before delivering
  • Identifying pivotal variables
  • Catering new variables to enhance the database
  • Data aggregation and auditing
  • Address Data Cleansing
  • Database cleaning services
  • Adding missed details, for eg: name, DOB, contact numbers and etc.
  • Keep 100% confidentiality
  • Adding important information – product attributes, images and manufacturer specifications
  • After every manual review, adding similar records
  • Removing records after comparing the data with other resources and information
  • correlating data throughout the fields
  • Consolidating and interlinking various kinds of data sources
  • The conversion of CRM systems
  • Correcting discrepancies such as abbreviations, spellings and type errors

Advantages of Our Product Data Cleansing

123eData has an experienced staff with an eye for details. We make sure that your data remains error and duplication free. Our cost-effective product data cleansing or product data scrubbing services are suitable for clients from different industries that include jewellery, hospital, medical equipment’s, furniture, clothing apparel, online retail stores, baby products, automobiles, technology, home electronics, and much more.

We believe in 100% transparency and through regular communication with our client and assured Back Office Services, we do our level best to deliver the mentioned requirements with complete perfection and efficiency.

Utilizing our services includes the following benefits:

  1. Correction of typo in descriptions
  2. Removal of redundant and obsolete data
  3. Abbreviation explanation
  4. Standardization of product dimension
  5. Removal of duplicate or extra information
  6. Collection of missing data
  7. Updating product prices and availability status
  8. Photo assessment and amendment
  9. Lowering rate of product returns due to inaccurate details online
  10. Structured and streamlined product information

123eData is an ISO certified company and we endeavour our best to provide utmost importance and support to secure confidentiality and data security. The client’s information will be protected and will not be shared with any third party or other resources under any circumstances or without the client’s consent. 123eData product data cleansing services will make sure your storage space is increased and your eCommerce data turns more informative and profitable. Contact us for more details related to our affordable product data cleansing services and get a makeover for your web store today.