Rakuten/Buy.com Product Listing Services

Rakuten.com which was formerly known as Buy.com is a popular online marketplace among the shoppers who are searching quality products at highly affordable or bargain prices. This is their unique selling proposition in the market which has attracted immense traffic. Due to the platform brings a very high volume of potential buyers and shoppers, most entrepreneurs and even reputed firms find listing products on Rakuten.com very profitable for their eCommerce business. The platform has its own standards and it is profitable more if one goes with bulk product upload. But even doing this can be very strenuous and may contain several flaws or inaccuracy. Thus the business insiders pay special attention when partnering for Rakuten/Buy.com Product Listing Services.

At 123eData.com, we provide suite class range of Product Data Entry Services or Rakuten/Buy.com Product Listing Services to help you save infrastructure, time, efforts, money and repute.

123eData Specialises At:

Rakuten or Buy.com product data entry specialists at 123eData can proficiently manage products’ custom detail packages to ensure the given product data is accurate in a right manner. The frequent updates and editing make your product look fresh on the platform while on the go. This will bring SEO infused product detail pages, descriptions, advanced customer reach, high pitch sales and higher ROI. Our task is not only just uploading or listing but we prefer to go beyond that and manage the back-end procedures, order processing, inventory management, and live customer support as well.

The highly trained professional at 123eData cater 360-degree Rakuten product upload and back office management services which are in brief:

Rakuten SKU Feeds Creation

As provided by the instructions of Rakuten, we follow its inventory feed and product feed specifications which will accordingly showcase your products for sale and also help you add new items to the marketplace. We make sure everything is in the correct format and thus we enter product ID, listing ID, product type, Manufacturer Part Number, quantity, brand/ manufacturer name, price, product descriptions and shipping details in the New SKU Feed Template or Excel spreadsheet.

The experts at 123eData make sure that all of the given products are lying under correct categories and sub-categories with right attributes.

Image Enhancement & Upload

In our house, our designer team provides accurate and full URL of the products’ prime image. They will make sure to provide you clean and accurately angled products’ images. As an intricate part of Rakuten product entry services, we strictly follow the platform’s guidelines and stick to directed dimensions (minimum 500X500 pixels).

When uploading an image of the product, we make sure that it is correct, has no watermark, blemish and showing all specifications clearly. We also remove images background as demanded (white or black) Our editing team will give the final retouch service which includes HDR blending, image enhancement, resizing or cropping, image masking and etc.

Category Management

Our professional team makes sure to embed the given products under right category and sub-category. We appropriately classify each of the items according to their product type and specifications. The correct segregation of the products will help the customer to explore their product in a faster way.

Product Description & Web Content Writing

123eData has a separate team of copywriters and e-commerce content writers who can craft original and SEO or keyword rich content for your website and product pages. They are excelled in producing content for a spectrum of products and categories such as electronics, fashion apparels, furniture, sports gears and etc. The experienced writers will also give attractive reviews to the products to allure much more footfall.

Attributes Creation

This is the most important requirement in e-commerce industry as the customer can’t go through each and every specification but prefer to read the information in the given quick and tabulated forms. We will provide accurate attributes (as provided by you) such as colour, weight, size, style, material or fabric, brand and etc. on the e-Store.

Bulk Product Upload

Our team is highly trained and has come from diverse backgrounds. They have knowledge of various advanced software and tools that help them to perform bulk product upload with 100% accuracy.

123eData Back-Office Support

123eData.com and its bona fide team of professionals will provide you with 24*7 online client support. We will help your in-house team to the core and provide complete assistance in – order processing, inventory management, competitor price monitoring and mail or live chat support services. Get top class services with the support of highly experienced members of the industry with punctuality and the best value.