Search Terms Optimization for Amazon Seller Central

Search Terms Optimization for Amazon Seller Central

It is very important to know how keywords work on Amazon product listings. Amazon is a competitive marketplace and securing a top slot in the keyword game will give you an edge over the competition. The merchant words help the seller understand what the buyer is searching for on Amazon. Thus, it is important to learn all facts related to search term optimization for Amazon Seller Central.

Using these facts, you can give your products a leverage that helps them get a push forward during buyer search.

Tips to Optimize Keywords on Amazon

The keyword optimization process for Amazon is very different from the regular search engines. You need use as many keyword combinations as possible to gear up your products with the relevant search terms.

Some of the rules to follow are as follows:

  • Always use the entire field of 100 characters. For example, don’t just type ‘yoga pants’. Instead, try ‘womens yoga stretchable training pants’.
  • Avoid filler words such as ‘yoga pants for women’. Instead, use ‘yoga pants women’.
  • Type only keywords that are matching the product such as ‘yoga pants’ instead of ‘original yoga pants’.
  • Use space to separate words, avoid commas and apostrophe. For example, womens yoga stretchable training pants’. Do not write ‘women’s, yoga, training, stretchable, pants’.
  • Avoid quotation marks such as “womens” “yoga” “pants”.
  • Do not repeat keywords. For example, ‘womens training pants stretchable pants yoga pants’. Just use ‘womens yoga stretchable training pants’.
  • Avoid hyphens, compound words, and separate spellings for the keywords.
  • Amazon automatically distinguishes both singular and plural words and includes them in the search. So avoid using the same keyword in singular and plural form.
  • No need to distinguish between upper and lower case letters.
  • Avoid all exclamation points as it only allows the products to be listed if the query matches the keyword exactly.

You can even use Sonar, the free Amazon keyword research tool that will help you find relevant keywords. These include the long tail keywords for which you want your product to rank.

What to Do to Maximize Search Term Optimization?

By following the above simple rules, you can make sure your keywords are recognized and used as per your wish. There are five fields provided by Amazon to enter your keywords with a word limit of 100 characters. Enter as many as possible appropriate keywords in this space. All five fields are equally important for Amazon, so it does not matter how you place or order your not repeat the keywords and avoid adding a hyphen between the keywords.

The search terms are not used optimally if a regular seller uses the platinum keywords. The search algorithm will not consider them. If only one single keyword is used per field and there is an unnecessary repetition of keywords. Filler words and non-relevant keywords are used to fill the five fields.

So, do not neglect your keywords on Amazon Seller Central. Excluding relevant keywords may lead to loss of business.

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