Top 7 Reasons Why Most Companies Outsource To India

Top 7 Reasons Why Most Companies Outsource To India

The era is sensing a bursting emergence of e-commerce across the globe and outsourcing is the quintessential need for smooth management. It is one of the most beneficial and planned business decision that has held its grip tight in past few decades. With startling benefits such as low costs and high revenue, many small, medium and big companies prefer to outsource e-commerce services. It also offers highly trained, experienced and skilled workforce that promise delivery on TAT. With less expenditure on infrastructure, companies are definitely saving a lot. Read More » Vs – Who Will Win The e-Rivalry? Vs – Who Will Win The e-Rivalry?

Are you an online shopper?

There is a 99.99% chance to have acquaintances who are online shoppers and the most concerning points for them (or you) can be –

  • Low prices when compared with offline
  • Fast shipping, of course

Amazon is the topmost hyper-giant in e-commerce industry that accommodates a large number of categories and subcategories with a variety of brands and choices. Its popular Prime subscription service caters special solutions to its members such as fast delivery and low cost. But a new shopping e-marketplace, is playing competently since 2014 with an aim to provide an alternative to the loyal Amazon customers. The brick and mortar line, Walmart is the parent company of, which has had given a head start to the website. And special features and offers of Jet, have kept up the competitive run with Amazon an interesting watch.

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