Tips to Follow Before Publishing a Journal Article

Tips to Follow Before Publishing a Journal Article

It takes a lot of effort to write an academic article. You invest not just your precious time, but at times, it takes a lot of mental and physical strain to complete a journal article. Not just the facts and matter need to be correct, but it should sound grammatically correct and precise. Even if you are an expert in your field, writing a journal article may turn out to be a complex process. Let us have a look at some tips to follow before publishing a journal article.

How to Writing a Journal Article?

Before you begin, make sure you have done your background research thoroughly. You Endnote, Zotero or Mendeley to save the background journal articles. It will allow you to keep a track of all your research papers and make it easy to maintain a reference list for future.

Make sure the design of your research project is well-defined and has a series of objectives. Keep good notes of the materials used and methods applied that helped you get the answers to your questions. This will give a chance to your readers to follow your steps for an experiment. Support your research with tables, diagrams, etc. to give an outline to your results and give a chance for further discussion.

Choose the Right Journal to Publish

Remember, when you publish your article in a professional journal, you have to maintain the high standards. Your article has to be articulate in every way, as scholars, prize-winning authors, as well as highly experienced professionals, will read your articles. Your article has to match up to their path-breaking, prize-winning articles.

Thus, think twice before you give anything to publish in these journals. In case you publish an academic article, then you need to target student journals. You have to have patience as it may take many months before you get any response from journal publishers. Do not submit your journal to many different publishers. Many publishers don’t like to publish articles that have been published or reviewed by others simultaneously.

Make Sure Your Article is Thoroughly Edited

After you are done with your article, sit back and scrutinize it. Check each and every spelling, cross-check every line. Make sure your article is free from grammar mistakes, silly errors, typos in the facts and figures. Make sure it sounds logical and has a sense of completeness. You have to make your thoughts clear and precise. Use a language that is simple and easy to read. Do use active sentences to keep the reader hooked on to your sentences. It has to linguistically, logically as well as grammatically correct.

Build Trust with the Reviewer

There are many submissions lying on the desk of a reviewer. They do not have the time to correct or overlook even minute errors. All they do is simply reject an article and move on to the next. Thus, you need to follow their guidelines and instructions related to formatting by the book.

Make sure all your arguments and answers are neither too strong, biased nor prejudiced. Do not use one-dimensional assertions or oppose others viewpoints too strongly. Just sound technically sound and do not leave any loophole that may get your article trashed in the bin.

Follow your instincts and keep these tips in mind before publishing a journal article. It will definitely help your article get noticed by all the right minds at the right time.



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