Top 7 Reasons Why Most Companies Outsource To India

Top 7 Reasons Why Most Companies Outsource To India

The era is sensing a bursting emergence of e-commerce across the globe and outsourcing is the quintessential need for smooth management. It is one of the most beneficial and planned business decision that has held its grip tight in past few decades. With startling benefits such as low costs and high revenue, many small, medium and big companies prefer to outsource e-commerce services. It also offers highly trained, experienced and skilled workforce that promise delivery on TAT. With less expenditure on infrastructure, companies are definitely saving a lot.

In a recent survey, it has been found that businesses in the countries like UK, US, Canada, Australia, UAE are outsourcing their task to Asian countries, especially, India. It has become a norm to outsource work to India and due to some reasons, the country has become the most preferred destination for many industrial tycoons.

Why outsourcing to India: Let’s Discuss

  1. Cost Efficient In Every Way

There is no denying the point that due to population and employment urgency, the labour costs in India is comparatively lower than other countries such as US or UK or Dubai or Canada. The lower cost graph emphasises a direct peak the ROI and plays a crucial role in improving the revenue of the company.

The second biggest factor is the availability of adept workforce. There are still many companies that invest a fortune in hiring a complete infrastructure to accomplish each task. But this only adds in expenditure and fewer skills set. Instead of hiring, outsourcing provides you skilled, experienced and dedicated groups of a team that will fit to accomplish your project in time.

  1. Advantage Of Communication

Do you know that the largest English speaking country is India? Yes, in India, the emphasising in English speaking is on regular progress and this makes the country more flexible while communicating with their clients worldwide.

The seamless and frequent communication of Indian agencies makes them the most preferred outsourcing firms in all over the world.

  1. Skilled Workforce For Every Specific Task

According to Forbes report 2017, India comes in the second number in developing STEM graduates. Outsourcing e-business to India provides wide skill-set and pool of experienced resources in the competitive price range. India produces the largest workforce in various sectors such as Information technology, Finance and BPO.

The country houses many reputed and famed outsource agencies that produce maximum successful projects. The availability of adroit workforce in flexible price ranges is like icing on the cake for many big titans of the industry.

  1. Use Latest Technology

With a wide variety of skill sets and production of STEM graduates, Indian agencies bring the usage of latest technology and software. Besides providing extensive and intricate training programs on regular basis, every technical expert is capable of delivering difficult projects as well. They know how to win the game all the time by utilising popular tools and services. This makes Indian agencies high in demand among overseas clients.

  1. Integrated Solutions

Do you know that the world pioneer of e-commerce, Amazon has its setup in Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai? The upscale level of technology and software development has made these cities one of the brightest choices of many e-commerce tycoons.

From providing IT solutions to data entry support, India consists a pool of virtual assistants which are responsible for success and growth of any organisation.

  1. With Friendly Policies

The outsourcing policies of India are really flexible which encourage the overseas clients to manage their business in a hassle free manner.

If you see in regular terms of years, the investment of capital from the US only in India is constantly increasing. India is experiencing 18% growth in outsourcing sector by being the favourite of global companies.

  1. High Productivity

The highest factor which makes India stay one step ahead of western countries is the time zone differences. There is a difference of around 6-10 hours (minimum) between the Asian countries and Western countries. Due to the same difference, the Indian agencies are capable of providing round the clock customer support and in-house assistance. This factor is also responsible for increased productivity and 100% accuracy.

Due to the time difference, flexible price range, maximum fluent English speakers and high workforce, India is outdoing all other countries and procuring more business.


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